Entelai is the result of several years of work by two researchers from CONICET, Dr. Diego Fernández Slezak from UBA and Dr. Mauricio Farez from FLENI. In 2014 an academic collaboration between the two institutions began. This would eventually become Entelai by the end of 2017, with the firm purpose of optimizing the health system by empowering doctors through the use of artificial intelligence. This path has just begun and there is much to discover and learn from these new tools. That is why at the heart of Entelai is research and development, applying all the academic methods collected in our years of research to improve the health of people and the work of doctors.

That is why every month, starting June 2019, Entelai organizes scientific seminars, where our team or renowned guests come to tell us about their research and how we can apply it to improve medicine. The idea is that we can summarize what has been discussed and make it available on our blog so that the knowledge will transcend, help and inspire others in this path.