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Be part of the most advanced health centers in the use of artificial intelligence

Meet Entelai

What do we offer?

Entelai Pic

The most powerful artificial intelligence software for medical image analysis.



Studies every 15-45 minutes


Entelai Pic

It analyzes the study using AI and returns it in 5 minutes



It uses the automated report to optimize the assistance to patients

For images

Entelai Pic Characteristics


Artificial Intelligence

The most accurate and robust AI tool available on the market



Participation in international studies of high impact


Easy to use and install

It works with any equipment and does not require a user manual


Better profits

Through process optimization and identification of new diagnostics


Exclusive community

LATAM's most advanced community of physicians and medical centers


Better accuracy

Early detection of abnormalities for better patient care


Better communication

Objective study interpretation and easy way to communicate with the patient


Greater satisfaction

Patients choose your medical center because they know it has the most advanced artificial intelligence support

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Cejas Correale

A unique tool

At FLENI we are pleased to join forces with Entelai in the development of new artificial intelligence tools for patients with neurological diseases.
Dr. Claudia Cejas
Head of Images Department. FLENI, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Future in Multiple Sclerosis

The use of Entelai Pic allows Multiple Sclerosis specialists to work more accurately in the detection of atrophy and lesions through brain MRIs.
Dr. Jorge Correale
Head of Neuroimmunology Department. FLENI, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A friendly and easy-to-use platform

Pre-Doc is a doctor-friendly platform that allows us to have an objective comparison over time of the quality of life of patients suffering from headaches and to optimize the consultation times.
Dr. María De Lourdes Figuerola
Headache Section Chief. Hospital de Clínicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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